Our Team
Our <u>Team</u>


PJ Anand
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Anand is the founder of Alcyone Therapeutics and its predecessor Alcyone Lifesciences, and serves as the CEO. For more than 25 years in the life science industry, Mr. Anand has overseen the lab-to-clinic translational process of next-generation treatments for a range of conditions including end-stage kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, orthopedic disorders, and CNS disorders including brain cancer, as well as diagnostics. He holds hundreds of patents and has expertise in the convergence of drugs and devices: he is the founder of Anuncia, Inc., a company focused on treatment and management of CSF dysfunction and the co-founder and Chairman of Arthromeda, Inc., a company focused on developing an A.I. based, patient-specific navigation platform for orthopedic applications. Before founding Alcyone Lifesciences and Arthromeda, Mr. Anand was a founding executive member of WMR Biomedical (now Arsenal Medical & Lyra Therapeutics) where he was responsible for key strategic funding transactions.

PJ Anand